Competence and know-how for over 12 years

Our company, A.T.S. Cranes SA, with its head office in Frisange, was founded on the 27.12.2002 by the following three persons from within the crane work industry:


Cary Arendt Karl Tripple Birgit Steil
(34 years’ experience) (42 years’ experience) (32 years’ experience)


We own a fleet of 16 truck cranes. In addition, we are in partnership with the STEIL Group of Companies with branches in Trier, Wittlich and Saarwellingen (Saarland).
This means we are able to move loads of up to 800 tonnes in the areas of Luxembourg, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Northern France and Belgium.

We offer further services in: heavy haulage, hire of and training in the operation of work platforms and forklift trucks, through to logistical complete solutions within the area of heavy cargo logistics.


Because of our wide range of services, qualified staff and accessibility both day and night, even at weekends, we are trusted by long-standing clients such as Cargolux (shipment of large packages in aircraft), Enercon (mounting of wind power plants throughout Europe), Saint-Gobain (glazing), the Bitbuger Brewery and BASF (maintenance and installation works).

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